Mama Bear Visits A Children’s Playground With Her 5 Cubs

Bears are creatures that have a number of unusual qualities. Their hibernation, love of honey, size and strength, large fangs, terrifying cries, and a variety of other characteristics have made them one of the most well-known and respected predators in history.

But, without a question, one of their most distinguishing features, and one that is sometimes overlooked, is their inquisitive and lively nature. In reality, these lovely animals have been spotted playing in a puddle or in an open field like a child on several occasions.

They’ve also been spotted playing with toys and constructions that are typical of the tiniest humans. Five adorable cubs are seen having the best of their lives in the back yard of a family, when they discovered their own amusement park, in a video.

“This was shot in our front yard.” It’s rumored to be a mother and five cubs, two of them are thought to have been adopted from another litter.” — stated one of the witnesses to the bear family.

An Asheville family took the footage, which shows a mother grizzly and her five cubs relaxing and playing in their backyard.

This North Carolina town is notable for its big black bear population, which numbers between 100 and 200 bears among a population of 90,000. As a result, interactions between neighbors and these huge, fluffy creatures are common.

Watch the video below:


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