Some Heartwarming Photos Captured A Tender Moment Between A Mama Bear And Her Cub

This beautiful bear cub, like many young youngsters, craves attention from his mother. While spending precious time with his mother, the small brown bear was seen affectionately caressing her.

The cub’s only two siblings died lately, making these heartfelt photos even the more sad.

Photographer Stefan Meyers followed the couple for a week, spending between six and eight hours a day with them to get the wonderful images.

‘There wasn’t much action most of the time; they slept a lot, but she did feed and play with her cub for about an hour each day.’ He also said that they bathed in a nearby little lake on a daily basis.

‘Getting images was tough since the bears were mostly obscured by bushes and foliage,’ he continued.

‘However, I’m grateful for the opportunity to spend so much time with the bear and her cub.’ It was a wonderful sight to witness and an unforgettable experience.’


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