Two Dro.wning Wild Brown Bear Cubs Are Rescued From A Russian Lake By Fishermen

The cubs were practically sinking and would have perished if the Russian vacationers hadn’t intervened quickly. With video footage illustrating the incredible attachment between beast and man, fishermen saved two drowning wild brown bear cubs in a Russian lake.

The heartwarming footage and photos show how the terrified bears on Lake Vygozero in northern Russia put their whole trust in the guests aboard a boat. The wild animals lost their mother across the lake in the clip, which was said to have been recorded last month, after she misjudged their swimming ability.

One of the bears’ eyes and attitudes revealed total terror and despair, as though instinctively understanding that only the fisherman could save them. ‘They had swum with their mother,’ said Ruslan Lukanin of Moscow. She, on the other hand, misjudged her own power and swam away. ‘The cubs started to sink, so we scooped them up and hauled them to the island where their mother had swum.’ Of course, it was perilous. They are, nonetheless, live organisms. ‘We couldn’t just turn a blind eye.’

The visitors wanted to assist but were aware that they were rescuing dangerous animals that may attack them, as evidenced by extraordinary photographs of the light-faced cub appealing with the fisherman to save it.

The guys carried them to one of the lake’s 500-plus islands, where their mother had swum, apparently unconscious of her children’s suffering.

The cubs had to be assisted into the jungle when they were ready to drop. ‘They were too feeble to move on their own,’ one of the fishermen explained. They hid the bears in the trees in the hopes that their oblivious mother would find them and assist them in their recovery.


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